I wish I could give her six stars! Or ten!

Lynette is truly phenomenal. Her dedication to her clients is off the charts! Personable. Professional. Always communicative. A great counselor in every meaning of the word. Here’s quick synopsis of our experience.

Leading up to closing, and all through attorney review, Lynette worked to ensure our interests were met. She coordinated several amendments to our purchase agreement to allow us to add multiple customizations to our new construction property, and she worked incredibly smoothly with all sides. Then, through absolutely no fault of Lynette, our financing unexpectedly fell through because of an overlooked technicality by the bank. Lynette kept us calm throughout the process. She helped us work with two lenders to find our replacement loan. When one of the lenders was slow, she used her extensive connections to speed up the process. She also kept the seller and the seller’s attorney apprised and committed to continuing to working with us, rather than walking away. Now, 100% because of Lynette, we are in our dream home! Her skills are truly masterful, and we are convinced that it was all because of Lynette that the deal was saved and went through.

I cannot recommend her enough to anyone looking for an attorney in the Chicago area. Her combination of strong advocacy, valuable experience, and extensive knowledge of the ins and outs of the Chicago real estate market are absolutely unmatched.