I have dealt with Lynette for more than 8 years and had her act as counsel for more than 100 real estate transactions. As an agent, reliability and knowledge are the two things we have to know are in place when you handle large transactions involving people’s life savings or largest asset. In representing clients, nickels and dimes add up fast when transacting property. The law requires that we offer clients a choice or representation but 99% of the time my clients would ask who is the best representation at the best price. I always offered to pay legal fees out of my commission regardless of who my clients chose and most of the time the clients would choose Lynette on recommendation. Her fees are extremely reasonable, often less than her peers and never varied. Lynette is competent, knowledgeable, comprehensive and dedicated. Once she is retained as counsel, every aspect of each transaction went smoothly and flawlessly. I can think of a number of occasions where my clients, and the clients on the other side, were so impressed with her handling that both sides distributed her contact information on referral. If you are looking for an attorney to handle your real estate transaction, you can stop looking and know you are in the right hands the minute your sign the engagement document.