people in front of a house

Realtor / Broker/Agent- The primary objective of the real estate agent is to provide you with insights into the property’s current market value. Your agent takes charge of the preliminary pre-contract negotiations and manages the coordination of showings, inspections, and walkthroughs into the property.

LOAN OFFICER-The primary objective for the loan office, should the Purchaser be obtaining financing to facilitate their purchase of the transaction is to define Purchaser eligibility for purchase, and assist in the processing of the Purchaser’s loan.

REAL ESTATE ATTORNEY- The primary objective of the Real Estate Attorney is to offer legal guidance, enabling the client to effectively contextualize information, assess risks, and make informed decisions about their optimal course of action.

TITLE COMPANY- The title company hosts the closing itself, acting as an intermediary between the Parties, and a Purchaser’s lender, should they have one. They further provide an owner’s title insurance policy to the Buyer after closing, and a lender’s title insurance policy should the Purchaser have one.