two people at a table discussing real estate law with chicago skyline in the background

Does your legal practice focus primarily on residential real estate law?
An in-depth understanding of the nuances of contractual provisions, industry practices, and customs is crucial for effective navigation through a real estate transaction. This in-depth understanding not only supports successful resolution in the short term but also contributes to long-term satisfaction after the closing process.

Who will serve as the main contact for communication, encompassing letter drafting and phone calls?
Will the attorney directly manage these responsibilities, or will they be delegated to an assistant or paralegal?
The attorney’s personal management of these tasks is essential for ensuring a precise understanding of your specific needs, providing optimal guidance and protection in your real estate affairs. There is a difference between direct involvement and overhead supervision.

What is your attorney fee structure?
An attorney fee should be reasonable for the tasks involved. Different types of transactions call upon different skill sets and experience. Not only do the physical characteristics of the property matter (single family homes, condominiums, townhomes, row houses, multi-units) but issues of title and concerns surrounding the contract itself (estate sales, judgements or old mortgages recorded against title, new construction occupancy and punch lists). Given that this is likely one of your biggest assets, the focus should be on protection at a reasonably standard fee.